Goddess Lakshmi Kerala Mural - Handpainted Wall Decor

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Rs. 9,900

Measure: 18" X 14" 

Beautiful Very Rare handmade, hand painted Kerala mural of Goddess Lakshmi.

A Kerala mural is an artwork painted or applied directly onto walls, ceilings, or any other permanent surface. The temples and palaces of Kerala are all a visual treat wherein the sagas of ancient Hindu gods and goddesses unfold. Kerela murals are an art that depicts these mythologies and stories. It is a very intricate art done with fine lines and basic colors. Every mural is a testament to the depth of dedication the artists have to their art.

A beautiful gift for any auspicious occasion depicting a symbol of forgiveness and sacrifice. Spiritual Lucky Gift, Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Wedding Gift, Birthday Gift, Diwali Gift. 

* The product may vary slightly in size and color as it is handmade.

* Bells not included 

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