Decorative Wooden Metallic Camel (set of 3)

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Rs. 3,549

Measure (inch): L X B X H - 8" X 3" X 11", 7" X 2" X 10", 6" X 2" 8"

Decor the garden or in-house space with beautifully handcrafted camel family. These wooden metallic camel are elegant home decor collectible and perfect for gifting.

Beautiful Rajasthani embossing makes the decorative camel much more than exquisite piece. Whether you place them on a corner stand in your living room or in office table, this wooden metallic camel never fails to catch the eyes of visitors. 

GREAT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION: Diwali, Wedding, graduation, baby shower, bridal shower, Thanksgiving, holiday or Christmas party.

* Being handmade, minor variation can be expected. 

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